The Engh Group

Waste is complex. Meaningful solutions to waste are equally complex.

We approach waste from a realistic & systemic perspective, using elements of resource mapping + market development + strategic trend analysis + material adaption to reorganize systems that reflect the reality of each industry’s situation & need.

We accept only meaningful metrics of success by consistently asking the question:

What does sustainability mean in today’s world?


Zero waste systems for Apple facilities.

Apple Park is Apple’s largest and worst-performing facility. We are creating a zero waste system for this facility that addresses recovery, reduction and 3rd party certification that will eventually scale to all Apple facilities. This project includes:

  • Goal & incentive creation.

  • Information gathering through mapping & waste auditing.

  • New system creation.

  • Staff training.

  • Ongoing metric tracking.


Materials management in the built environment.

The built environment encompasses any structure that contains human activity, ranging in scale from multi-family buildings to parks. Our work in materials management includes:

  • Meaningful market development for hard-to-recycle construction material.

  • Creating systems for large commercial construction companies that incorporate deconstruction for reuse into their line of client products.

  • Identifying & adapting new materials for construction use.


Local processing of material in rural areas.

This project aims to create local processing options for hard-to-recycle material in rural areas, eliminating the need for material transport and addressing economic development gaps in these communities. These projects include:

  • Creating single-substrate irrigation piping from mixed plastics in SW Colorado.

  • Identifying product opportunities based on local market needs for processing OCC cardboard in SE Utah.

  • Scaling the production of filament from 1&2 plastic in San Juan County.

  • Developing local collection, processing & sale for used construction wood in N Wyoming.