The Engh Group

Trash enthusiast.

Builder of projects & consulting.

Co-founder of Impact Hub Seattle.


Part-time resident of Seattle & Escalante, Utah.


Lindsey is owner and principal of Engh Group, a consulting firm that specializes in hard-to-recycle material diversion and zero waste supply chains. Her previous projects include market development in C&D material waste throughout King County, developing local product supply chains for mixed plastics in SW Colorado, SE Utah & N Wyoming, and creating material diversion systems for large, mixed-use commercial spaces throughout downtown Seattle. Formerly, Lindsey co-founded and managed Impact Hub Seattle, a social enterprise-focused community workspace & one of the first three coworking spaces in downtown Seattle. Impact Hub raised $1.2M from 20+ local impact investors for seed and operational funding, becoming one of the first place-based community spaces with an impact-lens to raise investor capital in Seattle.